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Angel TV is an award-winning production company set up by former BBC Commissioners, Producers and Executives.

We produce documentaries, factual series and branded content for Broadcast, Cinema and digital platforms.

  • Night Will Fall

    Night Will Fall is Angel TV’s current documentary and tells the story of the liberation of the German Concentration Camps. Using remarkable archive footage and testimony from both survivors and liberators, it tells of the efforts made to document the almost unbelievable scenes that the Allies encountered on liberation.

  • English Heritage

    Angel TV has worked with English Heritage over the last two years to develop and produce video content for events and to show the wider work of the organization. Our films range from short virals to 3’00 films for YouTube and 60’.00 performance films.
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  • Godiva

    Angel TV devised and produced two branded content films for this upmarket luxury chocolate brand to coincide with the launch of its new Chefs' Inspirations range. As well as the marketing department, we worked directly with Godiva’s Chefs to understand and enhance the sense of expertise and authenticity of the brand.
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  • Animate Earth

    Animate Earth is a documentary film written and presented by Dr Stephan Harding, renowned ecologist and colleague of James Lovelock. The film puts forward a radical approach to the ecological crisis by arguing that many of the problems we now face stem from having lost our intuitive relationship with nature.
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Night Will Fall

When Allied forces liberated the Nazi concentration camps in 1944-45, their terrible discoveries were recorded by army and newsreel cameramen, revealing for the first time the full horror of what had happened.

Night Will Fall nominated Best British Documentary, British Independent Film Awards 2014.

  • ★★★★★ The Guardian
  • ★★★★★ The Times
  • ★★★★★ The Independent
  • ★★★★ The Daily Telegraph
  • ★★★★ The Observer
  • ★★★★ The Sunday Times
  • ★★★★ FT
  • ★★★★ Daily Express

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