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Night Will Fall

Night will fall

Night Will Fall tells the story of the liberation of the German Concentration Camps. Using remarkable archive footage and testimony from both survivors and liberators, it tells of the efforts made to document the almost unbelievable scenes that the Allies encountered on liberation.

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Animate Earth

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Animate Earth is a documentary film written and presented by Dr Stephan Harding, renowned ecologist and colleague of James Lovelock. The film puts forward a radical approach to the ecological crisis by arguing that many of the problems we now face stem from having lost our intuitive relationship with nature.

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Hidden House History

Hidden House History

Every home has a story to tell, and the Hidden House History team shows you how to unearth documents, identify architectural evidence, find out when and why your house was built and unlock the real stories about its past.

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History Mysteries

History Mysteries

Our team of History sleuths are ready for any challenge to help you solve the historical mysteries on your doorsteps. History Mysteries shows you how to separate fact from fiction, navigate your way through the archives and read the architectural language of buildings and landscapes around you.

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Time Trail

Time Trail

This primetime DIY history series, shows viewers how to unlock local secrets by looking around the features of their area. Instead of using expensive equipment to dig up secrets of the past, Time Trail reveals how a bend in the road, the name of a pub or the position of a church can unlock hidden stories.

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KS2: Hidden House History


School children learn how to become house detectives. Working with a local historian, the children look for clues in a house to help them construct a story about its past.

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