Night Will Fall

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“Compelling” ★★★★ Empire

“Incredibly moving” Stephen Fry

“Powerful, must see documentary” Variety

“This is an extraordinary record.” The Guardian

“It is difficult to imagine that there’ll be a more important film this year.” Irish Times

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Animate Earth

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“An animate universe feels so right for me experientially and now, thanks to people like Dr Stephan Harding and films like Animate Earth, it computes intellectually too.” – Bruce Parry, BBC TV Presenter

“Stephan Harding lays bare the flaws in today’s narrowing and numbers-bound scientific model, and eloquently articulates the case for a more intuitive holistic approach.” – Jonathon Porritt, Forum for the Future

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Hidden House History

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‘“Forget family trees. Tracing the ancestry of the family home is the latest craze for amateur historians.” Sunday Express

“Both keen and beginner historians will appreciate how solidly built this programme’s foundations are.” Mail on Sunday

“Excellent Betjeman-inspired number from the History Channel…the content was fascinating and educational.” The Evening Standard

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History Mysteries: BBC 2 / OU

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“Daytime television is about to get more interesting.” The Independent

“Facinating!” Daily Express Sunday

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Time Trail: UKtv

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“Made an intelligent job of unrolling the wider context of this short but significant English history.” Daily Telegraph

“Their enthusiasm is infectious and should encourage more people to become local historians.” The Times

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